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Services with Price Guides

The Lawn Ranger Ltd. Co. promises not only to deliver a clean, well-manicured landscape, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. We leave every site immaculate unless otherwise requested.

You don't have to worry about being bound to a contract. We charge for each successive service. If you need to discontinue our service for any reason, just call, text or write us within one week of your scheduled service and we will take your service off of the schedule.

Our Services Include:

No two projects are the same. Every job is different with variable environments that is why there is no "one size fits all" flat rate, because we won't skimp on your service. We provide realistic, reasonable estimates.

Our basic lawn service beginning March 30 and ending October 31 each year includes: mowing, edging, edge trimming and a power sweep of all paved services.

We do not recommend bagging grass clippings because they are good for your lawn unless there is an overabundance of them or the ground is hard pan. If that is the case, bagging clippings will result in a 39 gallon bag charge of $3.30¹ per bag plus tax.

If we must haul them away an additional charge of $2.50¹ per bag plus tax will be added to cover the dump charge at the landfill. If there are more than two bags to haul away the charge is reduced by $0.80 per extra bag over the two to haul away and if there is an even greater quantity, the bag price can go down considerably.

Postage stamp lawns: Smallest lawn area (3400 square feet and under) - $25.00¹; Small lawn area - $30.00¹ (4200 square feet); Medium-sized lawn area - between $35.00 - $45.00¹ (between 5100 to 6900 square feet); Large area lawns - between $50.00 - $70.00¹ (between 7800 to 11,400 square feet); Super-sized and rural lawn areas - between $75.00 to $250.00¹ (between 12,300 to 43,000 square feet). 

Edging only with a power sweep of the paved surfaces at $0.085¹*/linear foot.

We offer discounts for qualified students, retired persons, disabled persons and single parents living on limited incomes.

For every new mowing referral who hires our service just one time, your next mowing service is on us!

We professionally trim and shape trees under 18 feet high. Prices for bulk cuts reduce your overall service rate. For larger trees requiring a more extensive pruning or total removal with stump grinding below grade, please call The Tree Marshall (click or tap this link for more information).


We will maintain your lawn and landscape all year long per each client's request.

We can renovate your flower beds, installing annual or perennial plants, using a creative design of your choice or we can have one designed for you. Your garden can
include rock beds and water features with new-technology LED outdoor landscape lighting. Our labor price for installation is $40.00¹ per person hour plus sales tax. For any installation project or large scale clean up starting at $75.00, we require a 50% deposit before work can begin to enable us to purchase materials or rent equipment necessary to begin your project.

Hand weeding of flower beds is priced at $30.00¹ per person hour plus tax. Bagged debris removal is included in the price.

We install high-end irrigation systems (through our partner) and maintain irrigation systems. Spring start-up and Winterization service is $40.00 plus tax¹. Prices for installation of smaller micro-irrigation systems (installed by us) are based on our materials plus person-hour rate plus sales tax. All new irrigation projects must have a backflow preventer or RPZ Valve installed.

Hate raking leaves, cutting up fallen trees or hauling debris? Leave it to us. We have reasonable rates! Leaf clean up including raking, gathering and mower-mulching is $14.00¹ per full 39 gallon bag plus tax. If you want your leaves finely mulched into the lawn, our rate is $40.00¹ per person hour
without tax to mulch the leaves into powder and disperse them in the yard or in the flower beds.


We leave your bushes looking beautiful and pruned how you like them:

  • Individual miniature shrubs ankle to knee high with cleanup priced at $1.50¹ plus tax.*
  • Knee to thigh high shrubs with clean up priced at $3.50¹ plus tax.*
  • Waist high shrubs with clean up priced at $4.00¹ plus tax.*
  • Chest high shrubs with clean up priced at $7.00¹ plus tax.*
  • Six to ten ft. high shrubs with clean up priced between $12 to 15.00¹ plus tax.*
  • Eleven to fifteen ft. high shrubs with clean up priced between $16.00
    to $30.00¹ plus tax.*
  • Any shrub over sixteen ft. tall with clean up is priced to $60.00¹ plus tax.*
  • Waist-high, double sided hedge groups wider than 3 ft with clean up shall be priced at $10.00¹
    per individual shrub within the group plus tax.*
*For larger quantities of individual shrubs such as long hedge groups, a bulk rate¹ will apply. The greater the quantity the lower the individual unit price will be. Example: 145 individual shrub units of varying sizes (from calf-high to the tallest at 18ft.) with clean up can be priced as low as $4.00 per unit plus tax. They can be trimmed all at once or in stages.

Don't hassle with trying to clean your gutters. It can be frustrating, time consuming, and dangerous. We will do it for you, and do a great job.

Our current price with clean out and water flush is $0.80¹ per linear foot plus sales tax on a single level dwelling on a level grade without gutter guards. Single level dwellings that have one or more sides on steep inclines or with lots of trees and/or other obstacles and gutter guards to be removed and replaced after cleaning can expect to pay up to $1.14 per linear foot. We do not service 2-story homes or tall commercial buildings.

We can help your landscaping look beautiful by aerating***(see information below) your soil and dethatching** your lawn so that water can reach the roots. Great around trees!

Dethatching is currently priced at $0.0584¹ per 1,000 sq.ft. Bagged thatch hauled to the curb is $2.30¹ per bag plus tax. 3 or more bags needing to be hauled away will cost depending on the quantity, between $5.00 to $3.00. Core aeration of lawn soil per 1000 sq. ft. is currently priced at $0.0475¹ plus tax.

Need to clean the algae growth off of your siding on your house, clean your driveway, patio or deck of dangerous and slick algae formations, prepare your privacy fence for waterproofing or staining? Call us today at 501-425-8671 for a free estimate to make those areas sparkle and shine again! Here is our pricing guide for the services listed below:

Clean only - $0.95/ft²Seal only – $0.95/ft² ¹ plus tax.

For decks over 400/ft² the price will be discounted 20%¹ plus tax; over 1,000/ft² discounted at 30% ¹ plus tax; over 2,000/ft² discounted at 40%¹ plus tax.

* Lattice - $1.75/ft²¹ plus tax.

* Handrails - $3.00 per linear foot¹ plus tax.

* Undersides - $1.75/ft²; all the square footage, including joists and supports¹ plus tax.



$6.00/linear foot ¹ plus tax per side for the first 60 feet. For fencing over 60 feet, the price is discounted by 20%¹ plus tax; over 160 feet discounted by 30%¹ plus tax.

Hourly - $40.00/hour ¹ plus tax or per Pane: $1.85/pane ¹ plus tax per side for commercial accounts, $3.50/pane ¹ plus tax per side for residential.

Have an old outbuilding, play set, shed or metal junk that needs to go. We will tear it down for $40.00¹ per person hour plus tax and haul it away for you at the rate of:

* A full (heaping)
pick up truck load by itself is currently priced at $45.00¹ plus tax OR

* A half-filled (heaping)
trailer load by itself is $45.00¹ plus tax OR

* A full (heaping)
trailer load by itself $75.00¹ plus tax OR

* Whole
pick truck and trailer filled all at one time the price will reduce to $100.00¹ plus tax.

Need to take your mower to the shop but cannot get it in the trunk of your car, have a bulky appliance or furniture that you want to give to a relative but don't want to rent a van? Please let us help. Our transport rates are affordable - we charge $0.96¹ per mile plus labor at $35/hr. plus tax to load and unload.


**Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass should be dethatched when actively growing in the early summer (May-July). Kentucky Bluegrass should be dethatched in the spring (April or fall (Sept.) when it is actively growing and never in the summer.

Tall Fescue and perennial Ryegrass rarely develop a thatch problem because of their bunch-type growth habit. For more information click this link.

***Bermudagrass and Zoysiagrass should be core-aerated between May - August. For more information click the Bermudagrass link and the Zoysiagrass link.

***Tall Fescue can be core-aerated between March-May and between September-November. For more information click the Tall Fescue link.

¹ All prices subject to change according but not limited to, gas prices, sales tax rate increases or decreases, increases in labor, insurance, equipment damages resulting from hitting undisclosed hidden obstacles on client's premises, equipment maintenance, fluctuations in the wholesale price of landscape and/or job materials, equipment rentals, transportation and delivery costs.

Thank you for stopping by to visit. Call us today at 501. 425. 8671 to make an appointment. May you have a pleasant and successful day!

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